Raised Beds

I cannot stress how important building your organic garden with raised beds can be.

The perfect bed should be 4 feet wide so you can weed and tend to your plants without disturbing your soil. Your length can run as long as you want.  As far as your height I reccomend at least 8 inches.

By eliminating pathways in between your plants you have more room to fit more plants.

Raised beds also give you a deeper root zone so your plants grow healthier and more productive. You can also plant closer together because your roots will grow downward and not all over the place.


One response to this post.

  1. I have raised beds, square foot gardens, that we extended beyond the normal four by four, to about four by six. Since I have a problem getting full sun in my yard the lettuces do best for me. Tomatoes did well too this year…I’m a little surprised, but I grew them up on strings. I think this helped. Keep on gardening. 🙂


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